Breaking Bags: Rucksacks

Written and Photographed by: Ben Ferrari


Rucksacks, backpacks, napsacks, oh my!  I used to think you could never wear a backpack with a suit, I’m beginning to think differently on the matter.  What used to come in only nylon with a zipper or maybe leather with a top flap when I was a kid is now all grown up.  There are so many different bags on the market these days that there is an option for almost any purpose and occason.  You can drop as little as 30 bucks for a canvas rucksack from any army navy store or go H.A.M. and cop this Margiela jumpoff (which will get you laid).  There’s nothing more stylish than function in menswear.  Rocking stylish functional garments will set you apart from the pack without looking like you are trying too hard.  See how this cross section of downtown pedestrians in navigating the exploding world of mens backpacks.

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