Japanese e-commerce platform ZOZOSUIT is combating the problem of ill-fitting clothes head on with a concept that is sure to make fasho-geeks cream their tailored pants. The Tokyo-based company is using new patented sensor technology in a body suit to get precise body measurements that can then eventually be used to shop for bespoke clothing (for men and women) through their website. This futuristic body suit takes 15,000 body measurements which it sends via Bluetooth to an App which then creates your personal profile. Your profile measurements ensures that all items you measure will fit you like a glove. All this innovation allows ZOZOSUIT to claim the bragging rights as “the world’s first size-free e-commerce experience.” It is unclear what the cost of the clothing will be when everything actually commences but the ZOZOSUIT is currently available for pre-order through the company’s website and shipping is expected for next spring – the whole this so exciting – let’s push this forward! See video demonstration below.


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