3.PARADIS Spring/Summer 2017 Preview Collection
Written by Frederik Landstaff All images courtesy of 3.PARADIS

The 3.PARADIS Spring/Summer 2017 collection is rebellious, youthful and a little dangerous.  The collection radiates perilous intrigue with the use of models that touch on a certain mystique that is getting rarer these days – there is something fresh here.  On the surface, the collection seems a bit incoherent, but when you scratch the surface you find cohesion in the nostalgia and brashness of all the clothes.  The collection also seems to walk the line between different social groups because on the one hand it looks like a grouping fit for middle America youths but one the other hand it is also fit for inner city youngsters that dabble in the hazards of concrete jungles.  But it should be stated that the collection is still very inclusive and there are many pieces that can be mixed and matched to create universal appeal.  

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