3.PARADIS S/S 2015 Collection
Written by: Kwesi Adjin

3.PARADIS unveils its Spring/Summer 2015 collection(Entitled: 0.3: Just came back from Planet Earth) exhibiting a wide array of influences and serving the brand’s perspective with pure intent.  BMX-ready slim padded pants, kimono styled shirts, box-cut shirts, elongated hooded jackets, versatile t-shirts, standout tanks, simple shorts, etc. give the collection a well thought-out and rounded look.  The color palette is made up of bright blues, slates, grays, blacks and whites with touches of camouflage.  The atmosphere created with this collection is one of youthfulness, Zen, sports and architecture.  The collection is custom built for an ex BMX biker who is now grown up and dabbling in eastern philosophies/religions, reading about precise lines in architecture, living in a geography that is prone to cool breezes and who participates periodically in the local night life.   There is no doubt that the fabrics in the collection are of high quality.  One piece that is sure to be a favorite is the Italian lambskin leather tank top (seen below) – it will work with many things – especially for summer night festivities.

The 3.PARADIS designers (both shown below), Emeric “Rico” Tchatchoua and Raymond “Samuray” Cheung respectively from Paris, France and Hong Kong, China,  graduated from ESMM and Lasalle Fashion School, Montreal in 2013.  They believe every human is an artist and art is the expression of one’s soul.  They state that after a trip around Europe in 2012, they decided to present their soulful expression through fashion in a ready-to-wear brand they named 3.PARADIS.  THE 3.PARADIS founders describe their designs as the deconstruction traditional ideas and reinvention of conventions in menswear without adhering to so-called boundaries and rules.  There is definitely a point of view in the label’s pieces but the underlying theme is undoubtedly “minimalism”.

See the slideshow above for more items from the collection.

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