5cm S/S 2014
Written by: Kwesi Adjin Photographed by David Roemer

5cm shows with their Spring/Summer 2014 collection aptly named “Grunge Heritage” that dues have been paid and they are now going for the jugular.  Launched in 1998, this brand with an Asian heritage loudly professes its steadfast solidarity with what it calls “nocturnal aesthetics”.  This brand is saying something that needs to be listened to and heard.  This collection, like 5cm’s past ones, is filled with well-fitting clothes that are made for hip night dwellers but would also work in the closet of anyone who cherishes individuality and deplores the mundane obviousness.  5cm plays with graphics on t-shirts that add a sportswear feel to the collection, and the well-tailored pants together with crisp jackets add sartorial sophistication.  Pieces in the collection are versatile and although dark colors dominate the visual campaign photographed by renowned Atelier Management photographer David Roemer and featuring Josh Beech, there are some breaths of color that can be seen on the 5cm website.  A big kudos goes to 5cm for their attention to draping and their unapologetic ode to uniqueness and not following the crowd. 

It is no surprise that 5cm was able to successfully launch its women’s collection at its 10th anniversary in 2008, and has continued to disseminate with a cult-like devotion a definite style perspective in Asia and beyond.  Another worthy-of-note tidbit is that to mark its 15th anniversary 5cm invited photography bad boy and legend Terry Richardson to produce its ad campaign which starred Cole Mohr – see the video:

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