A Rare Beauty: The 2014 Lotus C-01

There are so many different aspects to living a stylish life and we do our best to bring you as much aesthetic beauty as possible. On today’s agenda, we have a beautifully designed, speed demon that will turn more than a few eyes. It’s a hard-to-find Lotus motorcycle that could easily fit in on the set of the movie, Tron. It’s the high-powered C-01 motorcycle, and boy is it something to behold! It was designed by Daniel Simon (coincidentally, the same guy behind Tron Legacy’s lightcycles) and it’s a very limited edition creation. Only a 100 were made. It boasts a ridiculously powerful 175 hp KTM 1195cc V-twin liquid cooled engine along with a six-speed transmission. In addition, you’ll find 320mm Brembo racing breaks, Sachs forks, a lightweight & agile carbon fiber shell and an Ohlins rear suspension. 

It’s currently up for sale at the Monterey Mecum auctions, and it’s expected to sell for between: $370,000-$450,000 – Get the full specs here.

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