Dynamic rapper and all around creative from the vibrant A$AP Mob, A$AP Ferg is transcending hip-hop and embracing other art forms with his innovative collaboration with Hennessey.  The Cognac brand teamed up with the multi-facetted Ferg on their “Never Stop. Never Settle” campaign by releasing an exclusive track “Family” and a custom cocktail (Hennessy Uptown) through Cocktail Courier (a service that delivers curated cocktails to your doorstep).  To make the Hennessy Uptown, Cocktail Courier’s $78 kit includes creme de cassis, cinnamon syrup, hibiscus tea, lemons, angostura bitters, chipotle powder, and a bottle of Hennessy (V.S.O.P. Privilège Cognac).

The brand was also able to nudge Ferg to reveal his painting skills, recreating through fine art the cover art of his latest mixtape “Still Striving”.  In a video, Ferg talks about ‘not conforming’ and rather being a person who wants to transform.  His words are poignant and will hopefully touch and strengthen youth who are paralyzed by the fact that they are different.

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