A$AP Rocky’s love affair with designer wear is no secret – in fact, it meshed tightly in his persona.  He is one of the very few individuals in the ultra-masculine rap world that has been able to keep his street cred while experimenting openly and sometimes a little shamelessly with garments of all sorts – including skirts (or kilts to be masculine-ly correct). This is no easy feat because the guts required to be fashionably fluid is not something many are endowed with. We fully salute him for pushing the culture forward and breaking down some barriers that were quite irrational to begin with.

True to form, A$AP Rocky and his A$AP Mob crew are sharing their love for Raf Simons with the world in a new video for their single “RAF”.  The video which features appearances from Playboi Carti and a verse from lit-up Migos member Quavo features grainy shots of runway simulations of the artists all dipped in vintage Raf Simons.  The homage being paid to this former Creative Director (2012 to 2015) of Christian Dior must really warm his heart because not only is it likely to spur new/more Raf Simons business, it also cements a friendship that has been forged in freshness between the Harlem A$APs and the Belgian fashion designer.  See the video below …

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