Abasi Rosborough FW 15 Editorial
Written by: Staff

If you’re a regular reader of Style.No.Chaser, then you know that we’re staunch supporters of the innovative NYC menswear brand Abasi Rosborough. The main designers behind the brand cut their teeth at Engineered Garments and Ralph Lauren, and they are taking major strides in determining new ways for modern men to dress. Recently, AR is being carried at Gentry, one of the top-tier men’s fashion shops in NYC, and that’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Abasi Rosborough just released a new editorial for the AW15 Collection (titled ORISON) and it’s titled “The Four Names Of Man.” The new editorial tackles the idea of the different archetypes of identity that a man has through his life: (1) The name we are given a name by our parents at birth, (2) The names our friend have for us (3) The name that we use for ourselves introspectively, (4) The name and legacy that we will be remembered by. 

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