Abasi Rosborough X Street Etiquette: Diaspora
Written by: Staff Photography by: Abdul Abasi

Abasi Rosborough is a progressive, NYC-based menswear brand we definitely rock with here at SNC. When you look at their clothes, it’s immediately obvious that their design influences are extremely diverse and their silhouettes are structurally informed and well thought out – not merely flights of whimsy. They just released a new S/S 2015 editorial titled DIASPORA featuring Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette. This is how the founders behind the brand explain this set of images: “The theme deals with the many colors of displaced people around the world – we are separated but also forever connected to our homelands. The African masks and jewelry signify the past and our ancestors, and the clothing and design concept represent the future, the photography is the plane where these worlds intersect. One could not exist without the other.”

The fabrics, styling and layering look like they are perfect for attacking the higher temps of summer with style, grace and comfort. To cop some of these pieces for yourself, head over to their website here. 

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