Access Granted: London Menswear Collections S/S 2015
Written by: Geo Hagan Photography by James Gatenby

The S/S 2015 men’s fashion shows are in full swing, and we continue our “Access Granted” series with menswear model James Gatenby (see the first entry here). In the first post, handsome Aussie talent James Gatenby gave us an inside account of how the model casting for Paris shows go down. From the City of Lights, he caught the Eurostar to London. Here are his musings about his menswear model experience in the city by the Thames. Read more …

“The shows are cool, ranging from the dapper suits of Savile Row to London grunge …”

In James’s own words …

The Eurostar pulls into Kings Cross, London, and I can’t help but begin to feel that fashion week is like coming back to boarding school. A group of old friends reuniting after months apart. Familiar faces flash by; the multiculturalism of this group is represented in the uncertainness of how to greet each other. Greetings range from the classic “firm handshake” to the “skin and bro fist” to the “flailing your hand around until the other person seems satisfied”.

Castings can be hours apart and the London tube turns into a system of moving saunas in the summer transporting herds of sweaty models across the town. Models that come in from Paris only have two days to cast so it’s a mad dash to juggle the castings. If you’ve seen a model running though the streets like a lunatic it was probably me!

Castings lead straight into shows in London. The shows are always cool, ranging from the dapper suits of Savile Row to London grunge. One of my favorites this season was Agi and Sam, where we were freckled and wigged out before launching down the runway to some bassy beats.

There aren’t as many shows as Milan or Paris, which affords time to grab some English fish n’ chips or head to the pub to cheer for Australia in the world cup. Things can’t stay this chill for long though, as the planes packed with models are starting to leave for Milan. Craziness will ensue!

Stay tuned for the next entry from James, and be sure to follow him on twitter: @JimmyGmodel

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