Acne Studios Spring/Summer 2016
Written by: Andrea Filodrem All Images courtesy of Acne Studios

“Come to Mama and don’t bring no weak shit” might as well be the name for Acne Studios’ Spring/Summer 2016 collection.  This collection is an orgy of boldness without any shame whatsoever.  It is hard to imagine a tame person even touching or catching a glimpse of the garments/style of this collection.  Before you are even allowed to admire the audacity of the collection, you have to intimately know yourself.  You cannot be weak and you cannot care about what even your innermost self is scared of. The attack by Acne is unwavering and like the atmosphere of U.S.S.R. surf culture, ‘inhibition’ is just another word for “we-are-out-of-weed”, it never occurs. Eloquent jump suits, sleek retro suits, cowish sweaters, psychedelic combos and lavish bell-bottomed pants are all fair game in the unrestrained bold world that Acne Studios has created.  You can go to Mama because this shit ain’t weak! 

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