The great thing about the state of culture and sports in these modern times is this: you could be a nameless nobody today, and with a hustle, hardwork, and a little luck, you can have your own sneaker with your name adorned on it.

That’s exactly what happened to 20-yr old NYC native and skating prodigy, Tyshaun Jones. Last year he won the Skater of the Year award in Thrasher Magazine’s content. As part of the winnings, he was to get his own Adidas sneaker, and presto, it’s here!

The new sneaker comes in a low 5/8 cut, and boasts an all white leather upper, EVA foam midsole, and a reinforced toe box. Other additional details include gold trims and gold hangtags, and a reinforced toe box for doing the toughest skate tricks. The skateboarder’s name is also featured in all caps on the ankle section of the sneaker.

Drop Date for this is: June 22nd, and Retail Price is $95.00

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