An Ode to Jay Electronica
Written by: Salvador Maximillian

What makes Jay Electronica a perennial resident on everyone’s Top 10 (or Top 5) MC list?  With a spotty record when it comes to releasing new music and an age that does not equate to relevance in the notoriously short shelf life and youth centric hip-hop ecosystem, Jay Electricity has maintained a genial place in the hearts and minds of rap connoisseurs, enthusiasts and dabblers.  Whether it is spitting trancelike meditations over movie soundtracks, displaying mind altering goosebumps inducing “Exhibits” that touch on the core of hip-hop, or clearly enunciating with linguistic gymnastics on featured tracks with established legends, Jay Elecbola holds his own and defies the perceived and the expected.

Jay’s rhymes intricately weave religion, philosophy, black power, spirituality, relationships, street cred, knowledge of self, geography, cosmology and science into an indestructible basket that can carry any message.  There is no way to diss this guy.  His understanding of energy and his confident nervousness during interviews actually draw you in more.  Jay Electron in an anomaly, he is a glitch of some sort that is able to honestly and authentically exist in a world of carbon copies and wash-rinse-repeats. 

So why does Jay Electronica deserve an ‘Ode’ from Style.No.Chaser?  Well, the answer is simple.  Just look around at the fraudsters peddling flavor-of-the-month trash.  Then look at Jay Electrolysis – he transcends music by touching on the connection all things and people have with each other.  He covers topics that are as deep as astrophysics and as mundane as a first date with the same precision and thoughtfulness as an elite surgeon.  He inspiringly does all this with authenticity and humility that uplifts, entertains and activates.  This is why Jay Electronica deserves an ‘Ode’.  We hope he brings us some new music soon, but if he doesn’t, it’s okay.

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