Pop culture and street fashion are running at breakneck speeds right now and one sure sign of that is the rampant onslaught of totally zany collabs we’re seeing. We’ve seen unlikely mainstream consumer brands like Tide, Pizza Hut and McDonalds dropping merch to sate their streetwear savvy supporters, and now, Crocs is jumping into the fray.

So when you think of Crocs, the image that might come to mind is that of the recently maligned (#metoo villain) and celeb chef, Mario Batali toiling joyfully in the kitchen (or not). But the last thing you’d imagine is a Crocs collab with certified NYC streetwear/sneakers entity, ALIFE. The new drop features 3 different styles. The first is a classic version which dons a grey hue and is emblazoned with Alife branding. The second is much more interesting. It is the “Sport”version and it comes attached to a pair of athletic tube socks with sporty striping. The last one is the Art Croc which comes with the 3D Printed “Jibbitz” of famous New York City landmarks. Prices range from: $80 – $600.┬áSee pics below:

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