Andrew Coimbra Spring/Summer 2017
Written by Wilma Candlebrew All images courtesy of Andrew Coimbra

Canadian designer Andrew Coimbra performs a deft jig with a Spring/Summer 2017 Collection that can simply be described as aqua fresh.  The blue, beige and powdery dark tones are peacefully appealing.  The collection is a full court assault on the overly hard and unnecessarily cynical stances of some commonplace brands these days.  There is reason to believe that Andrew Coimbra is betting on the fact that good design and sensible wearable gear will always trump fickle trends.  This is not to say that the collection does not take risks – risks are taken, but they are taken with a sense of authenticity and reality in mind.  We don’t mean to get too philosophical with this but we do believe that it is important to put forth work that embraces the essence of creativity without veering into lazy self serving lanes.  Andrew Coimbra clearly understands this.

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