Anthologie by Keiji Ogawa, F/W 2015
Written by: Staff

Whenever a designer is described as having the pedigree of a respected fashion house like Comme des Garcons, you better expect something really special. Followers of fashion know that any experience from the house that Rei Kawakubo built means that a designer must have some inherent and unique talent. The designer Keiji Ogawa spent time at Comme des Garcons, and with his own brand Anthologie, he’s adding his own expert touch to the thriving menswear market.

This new Japanese label is strategically divided into three categories: Anthologie Replica consists of the Uniform and workwear stylings, Anthologie & Co which is mostly denim pieces and accessories, and the main brand Anthologie which consists of tailored, everyday menswear separates which is shown above. This is definitely a designer who know exactly what he intends to achieve in the fashion world. We certainly applaud his clarity and talent. 

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