ARCH∧BES Spring/Summer 2017 Collection
Written by Jack Wilbur All images courtesy of ARCH∧BES

Japanese brand ARCH∧BES may not be long in the tooth but it has already found an authentic way to puncture the hard to penetrate world of casual menswear.  ARCH∧BES’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection is vibrant, sensible, hip and very desirable.  The collection emits a magnetic pull that is difficult to resist because there is no real practical reason to resist this gumbo of goodness.  There is a zing and freshness to the color scheme of the collection that is almost predatory in its imposing beauty.  Blues, greens, whites and reds in stripes, checks and dots provide a potpourri of potential combinations that stimulates the brain in ways that would make ‘mindfulness’ gurus proud.

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