With an Internet so wide and fast moving, it takes something really astounding to stop a person in their tracks.  When we stumbled across Aron Demetz’s art online, our activities came to a screeching halt.  Aron’s work has that effect – it is so insanely original and visually rich that it demands that all your senses to pay attention.  We knew immediately that we had to reach out to this sculpting virtuoso. Aron was kind enough to grant us an interview and he provided answers to all our questions that were concise and thought provoking. We peppered this interview with many images of Aron’s work to immerse readers in the brilliance of his art while soaking in his words.  It is important to praise amazing artists as they live and breathe because in our view, this offers the whole world great inspiration and aspiration.  You will notice that Aron does not only carve wood, stain it and call it a day, he experiments with many different ways of distressing the wood – such as using fire (to create a charcoal effect), applying resin (to create a skin-like effect by using tree sap that is theoretically living), shredding the surface of figures, etc.  Aron is a visual assault expert.

Enjoy the read.

“Sculpture gives me a means to express myself in three …”

Where were you born and where do you live now?
I was born and currently live in Val Gardena in the Dolomites, Italy.

How were you first introduced to art and when did you know you were an artist?
I was introduced to art when I realized that I did not like where my vocation was going, I was actually supposed to be a dental technician.

What does “art” mean to you?
Art gives me the ability to communicate.  Sculpture is a way to express the thoughts and feelings that a generally hard to narrate with words and pictures.

Why were you drawn to sculpture?
Sculpture gives me a means to express myself in three dimensions – this is one dimension more than painting.

You sculpt mostly in wood, why were your drawn to this medium? 
In our country there is a long tradition of wooden sculpture and art schools emphasize this.  I believe these are the main reasons that I was drawn to wood.

We also saw through some research that you are experimenting with resin and other materials on your sculptures, could you please elaborate?
After a lot of trials and tribulations, I found that resin on wood deepens the presence of my sculpted figures.  Not giving up through the hard times and experimentation with difficult materials has brought me amazing results.

Is there an underlying theme beneath all your different works?
I think the main theme or link in all of my works is to find or attempt to find the human connection within all materials, surfaces and space.

How would you say your work has evolved through the years?
My research and approach to my work has shifted from introspection of the person, towards the use of the material that connects with the human figure.

What/What/Where inspires you the most?

What is the worst critique you have received about your work and what is your best compliment?
Primarily because of the way it is said, my worst critique and best compliment is “Your sculpture is nice”.

Have you noticed any similarities in the people who love and appreciate your work?
They all had two eyes and a head.

What general philosophy do you live by?
I’ve learned that it takes years to build up philosophies, and it only takes suspicion, not proof, to destroy them.

We are a men’s lifestyle magazine, so we would love to know what clothing items, designers  and/or accessories you believe are essential to a man’s style?
Items are nice, but I think a dose of self-awareness and some sense of geography like knowing the location of North Pole and the Sahara are important things that should be essential to every man.

Where can people see, purchase and/or commission your work?
From August 2014 to January 2015, I have a solo show at the Hans Arp Museum, Rolandseck, Germany.   I work with Gazelli Art House in London, Barbara Paci Art Gallery in Pietrasanta and Ghetta Gallery in Ortisei.  You can also visit my website and Facebook for more information on my work.

View the Video below by CastYourArt that touches on Aron’s process and philosophy.

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