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Introducing a great new way to enjoy, celebrate and diversify or start your collection with Black Art from some of today’s most important and influential modern contemporary artists. BLCK PRISM is a content and commerce platform founded by husband and wife team Andre and Tanayia Woolery – both longtime makers and creators of the arts. Andre announced via his Facebook account, “What have I been up to lately? I been on the grind. Less in the studio and more tapping into my digital sensibilities. Ever since I started making art, I wanted to do things differently with how I engage people with my work. I want them to feel like art is something they can connect with and actually own in some way. So I experimented, learned and put it all together under a business idea called Blck Prism. I founded this with my super smart wife” who added,” and I have been working away for the past year trying to help create a future for our daughter, our nieces, our nephews, our godchildren and your children where there is no doubt in their mind that the Black experience is beautiful. Our way of doing that includes art. We’ve created Blck Prism as a way to take our experience to make Black art more accessible through digital experiences and selling art at different price points. We hope you’ll take this journey with us.”

Their BLCK PRISM concept got into the New York Foundation for the Arts incubator program. Andre added, “we built out a site to give a glimpse into our vision. We created a space to make Black art more accessible through unique articles and video, art at all budget sales, and experiences to get people involved. I used my work to demonstrate how it all works so now we are bringing more artists onto the platform. We hope to create a new generation of Black art lovers and in turn, add a layer of consciousness to the Black experience…all visually driven.”

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