When things don’t constantly move forward, they tend to get stale and eventually die. Admittedly, that’s the type of gradual attrition and slow death the new sneaker brand ASIF hopes to never encounter. ASIF is an acronym for As Seen In the Future, and the brand is helmed by dedicated futurists Nate “RES” Harvey and Rich “R1” Cofinco. It’s worth mentioning here that the latter is one of the founders of the longrunning sneaker label Creative Recreation. ASIF is offering high-end sneakers with innovative silhouettes and shorter lead times for new styles. We think there is something special brewing here – see our interview with the founders below: 

“We exist outside of the current playing field …”

ASIF means As Seen In The Future – what is it about the future that inspires and intrigues you so much?

R1: It’s not the future that inspires and intrigues us…it’s what’s happened in the past. A lot of primitive technology did benefit the future…. we are just an accessory to enhance modern technology for future benefits.

Res: The Future from the eyes of people living in 2015 is our past. So, the question isn’t what why we are intrigued with the future? The real question is why do we care about the past.  ASIF is Us as futurist, sending information back to the past (2015). 

Who are the founders and can you give us a brief background of how and when you started the brand? 

R1: I represent the design direction for the brand. We established in 2036 and on recent timeline launched a direct to consumer site asifuture.com.

Res: I am the translator I take what I see in 2036 and retrograde it to the current technology of 2015.

What is the overarching design message with ASIF shoes and who do you envision rocking your shoes? 

R1: Our product attracts all types that appreciate good design aesthetics.

Res: Like-Minded futurist.  

Where are your shoes made and where do you source the materials used in making them? 

R1: Currently they are produced in China; most sourcing can be done there….but who knows where the future will take us.

There’s a lot of competition these days with tons of both luxury and affordable sneaker brands on the scene – where does ASIF fit in this mix? 

R1: We don’t. Our capsule range will vary depending on timelines and technology.

Res: We exist outside of the current playing field.

So give me an honest opinion – what do you think about the Yeezy Boost sneakers for Adidas? Is it all hype or is there something tangible there? 

R1: There are multiple inspirations to the design….it’s how you interpret it.

Res:  Time will tell if that is a timeless silhouette or not.  Hype passes quickly.

Will ASIF ever make use of celeb endorsements to push the brand’s offerings?

R1: I would be more humbled if celebs just purchased our product on the strength and they endorse what we stand for and want to represent our brand.

Res: I would be hyped if Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye, Michio Kaku,  or Neil Degrasse Tyson rocked a pair. Better yet, if Nikola Tesla were still alive.

What is the grand future you envision for ASIF – are you planning world domination for the brand? 

R1: Our plan is world collaboration and contribution.

Res: Well Said.

What surprises can we expect in 2015 with regards to your new Spring and Fall 2015 releases? 

R1: Vulcan / Cerulean Project 02

Res: Not just sneakers and tees stay tuned

Lastly – please finish this sentence: ASIF represents the future because …

R1: We’ve come back from there.

Res: because it’s As Seen in the Future.

For more information, visit www.asifuture.com

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