Band of Outsiders – S/S 2015
Written by: Geo Hagan Photography courtesy of: Band of Outsiders

Ever since designer Scott Sternberg started his brand Band of Outsiders in 2003, he has consistently shown his willingness to never play it safe and always swing for the fences. 11 years later, that ethos remains intact and he delivers yet another winning collection for next year’s Spring/Summer season. If there is one thing Mr. Sternberg is great at, it’s combining elements of prep, whimsy and sartorial cool into each collection, and it’s a formula that has served him very well. 

For S/S 2015, the rule of thumb is pretty simple: There are No Rules. The collection fearlessly walks tackles different lanes of menswear and the consumer is offered a wide array of garments and accessroies to chose from. You’ll find fun polo shirts with mixed print details, color-blocked cardigans, suits & separates in bold primary colors, fresh jogger trousers (one of the hot menswear silhouettes of the moment) and bold sweaters and jackets with all-over print details. It’s a lot to take in, but most of it is really good.

Enjoy the looks in the slideshow above. 

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