Written by Wilford Trotoro Shoe image courtesy of Adidas

Adidas Originals has teamed up with BAPE and NEIGHBORHOOD to create a modern take on the Superstar profile that is certified catnip for any honorable sneaker head.  This Superstar rendition might be worth your first-born child in value because it is very very dope.  The Japanese are well regarded for doing shit the RIGHT way but when they team up with branding deity Adidas, the result can be nothing less than a necessity.  We apologize for being so materialistic in this segment but we sternly believe that along with oxygen, water and food, this Originals Superstar BOOST sneaker is a sustenance requirement.  The sneaker is made up of high quality suede, with distressed-looking leather black stripes, a BOOST sole and a variety of titillating branding that does not take away whatsoever from its essence.  These are set to drop on in early February.

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