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BARBARA I GONGINI is a Faroese brand, founded in 2005 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  BARBARA I GONGINI’s A/W 2015 collection is a continuation of the designer’s foray into construction, tailoring, art and conceptual design.  The shapes in the collection underscore the fact that silhouettes, shapes and dimensions are immensely important to the designer and this yields a visual impression unignorably apparent in the all pieces.  There is a rock star appeal to the clothing that makes them very innovative and different, but also shockingly wearable.  The clothes convey a unisex persona which is very intentional – in fact; Barbara’s goal has also been to distort the lines between men and women’s wear in an experimental but also quite a determined manner.  Her tailoring is impeccable and the dark colors used throughout the collection add a sophisticated touch that is sure to endear any fashion connoisseur. The brand, BARBARA I GONGINI and the designer, Barbara I Gongini, have a common ultimate goal to forward the cognizance of Nordic fashion and art.

Designer Barbara I Gongini

See pieces from the collection below.

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