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Written by: Kwesi Adjin All Images courtesy of The Bearded Bastard

The Bearded Bastard is one of those brands that we all root for because it underscores all that is good and unadulterated about passion, doggedness and entrepreneurship.  Started in the 2012 in Austin, TX by Jeremiah “Liver Eating” Johnson (the head Bearded Bastard seen directly below), the brand has grown organically worldwide and can now be found globally sold by over 200 retailers.  The packaging of products and kits are particularly thoughtful and user reviews are persistently glowing.  With handmade products and scents for every variety of whiskered individual, The Bearded Bastard is sure to make you more attractive (if that is possible) and smell better than yesterday.  

“I think the beard will remain in, maybe not as big as those who are trend chasers …”

Please tell us about how The Bearded Bastard got started and the niche your brand is aiming to fill.

I got started just messing around trying to make a better mustache wax for me, to be honest I just love making products I would use, we are expanding to encompass a wider array of markets beyond the Beard Market.

What types of products do you currently offer?

Currently Cologne, Shave, Hair and Skin, Beard Oil, Mustache wax, and we have pomade waiting in the wings to be released.

What is the most popular The Bearded Bastard product in terms of sales and why do you think that this is the case? 

Anything woodsman, and I think it is because of nostalgia, people connect with the beautiful moments in their life and camping or hanging out in a woodshop is usually one of them!

Did The Bearded Bastard tap any Angels or Venture Capital firms to secure growth capital or has it been grown organically?

I don’t like people messing with what I do, so I chose to grow organically.

Which retailers carry The Bearded Bastard products?

I think we are up to 230 retailers all over the world and growing, with a few bigger chains like Floyds, Vee’s, and Bishops in between.

What are the growth plans/aspirations of The Bearded Bastard?

We really want to keep going along the overall brand expansion, going into Women’s also, and potentially luxury goods in the future.

What is The Bearded Bastard’s philosophy and/or mission?

Be the best Bastard you can, truly not much more, we don’t like pretenses, or making product just for money, I am in it for the craft, and I feel like so many of my customers echo that sentiment.

Are there any trends in the grooming world that you are currently witnessing?

Everyone is coming out with Pomades, Colognes, Tonics, Shave goodies, etc., most trying to capture nostalgia in a world that sometimes moves to fast.

Beards have taken a very strange hipster detour in current times, do you think beards will be able to beat this and finally be taken seriously?

I think it hit popular culture, I think the beard will remain in, maybe not as big as those who are trend chasers jump ship, but you will always see the guys with beards, I had my facial hair about 7 years ago for aesthetic and maybe a little bit of lazy reasons.

What should every man know and do when it comes to grooming?

Keep it clean, keep it groomed, eat healthy, work out, find products that work with you, and invest in good tools aka scissors, trimmers, etc.

If you could use three words to describe your brand, what would those be?

Definitely Not Ordinary 

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