The classic crisp sounds of the 808s was a game changer that brought about a new movement in beat making and a slew of classic, timeless songs and artist. The 808s still is heard in today’s music, so it makes since for Roland to reissue the TR-808. With the retro-ism clothing trend healthy now, why not include the 808 soundtrack.

Some top producers share their 808 experiences in this video:

Roland Boutique TR-08 Rhythm Composer

The Roland TR-808 has featured on countless records and tracks – from chart-topping pop songs to underground classics – and is one of the most revered electronic musical instruments of all time. The booming bass drum, sizzling hi-hats, snappy snare, and that unmistakable cowbell, has formed the rhythmic foundation of many genres with a sound that is engrained in today’s music and culture.

Some Tunes for your head top to add to your streams:

10 Great Songs Built Around the 808

Some rather exciting news crept by almost unnoticed yesterday – according to this report, synth manufacturers Roland might be reissuing their iconic drum machine, the TR-808, along with the TB-303 bass synth. These two pieces of equipment were commercial failures on their release in the early ’80s, but they’ve become hugely sought after since, changing hands on eBay for thousands of dollars.


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