Do you ever have those days when you wake up in the master bedroom of your million dollar mansion and don’t know what Porsche to drive? Well we can’t say we’ve personally experienced that dilemma, but for those who have, Porsche has just introduced a luxury subscription service through which you can choose a range of various Porsche models for your driving pleasure. Porsche Passport is an on-demand, app-based service that comes with everything from insurance to roadside assistance. Interested?

The starter package which they are calling their “Launch” plan gives you access to their Cayman, Boxter, Macan, and Cayenne vehicles. If you have a little more spending power, you can upgrade to the “Accelerate” plan, which includes more elite models like the 911 and Panamera. The former plan starts at $2000/month and the latter is $3000/month. This service is currently only available in the Atlanta area, and you can read more about it here. 

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