Brand Alert: Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL)

Brand Alert: Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL)
Written by: Anthony Hagan All Images courtesy of APL

At Style.No.Chaser, innovation and perseverance are our soft spots.  We have come across many artists, designers and brands that exude these qualities but we must stress that APL is amongst our favorites.  Is it because the brand was started by twin brothers (Ryan and Adam) who stress that having a co-pilot who has literally been your co-pilot since before birth has no downside?  Or is it because of the steadfast confidence and unwavering eye-on-the-prize attitude that convincingly emanates from their words?  Or maybe it is just because one has a cool beard and the other does not which shows individuality.  It is probably all of the above along with the fact that APL’s products are of high quality, high performance and are fashion savvy.  This brand does not follow trends – their main goal is to increase your athletic performance and to make sure you look good when you are being active.  Style.No.Chaser has been offered many collabs in the past and we have declined all of them but APL is one we would strongly consider if we were ever asked.  There is something different and positive here and we have the gut feeling that Ryan and Adam will change the landscape of performance and fashion in tandem.  See the interview with the APL twins below. 

Our color schemes are driven by the feelings and emotions we’re trying to elicit …

What are the positives and negatives of having a twin brother as a partner in the athletic footwear industry?

When starting a business it’s always important to surround yourself with people that share the same passion for the brand, are on the same page, and are working towards the same goals. Having your twin brother as a partner allows both of us to know that no matter what, we have each other’s backs and are working towards the same goals. This allows us to make decisions that are best for our brand and not just decisions based on what’s best for the individual. Having somebody you can trust is invaluable when starting a brand. There really aren’t any negatives to having your twin brother be your business partner…or at least in our situation there aren’t any negatives. 

APL Vision Men’s Bland and Red

What brand does APL look up to and aspire to be like or emulate?

We believe it’s important to forge your own path and make decisions as to what’s best for your own brand as opposed to following a specific blueprint that another brand has created. With that being said, there are characteristics from certain brands that we certainly admire. A great example is Hermes. Hermes is a seven generation family owned luxury fashion house that has been able to create an amazing brand that not only creates beautiful products, but also is able to compete in a world that is largely dominated by conglomerates. 

APL TechLoom Men’s Pro Red/Deep Red

What is APL’s philosophy regarding fashion trends?

We create our own. We make the decisions that we, as consumers and individuals who are in touch with today’s market, feel will appeal to our consumers. 

APL Women’s Techloom Pro Glow-In-The-Dark Energy/Pink/Glacier Blue

How are color schemes chosen for APL footwear?

Our color schemes are driven by the feelings and emotions we’re trying to elicit for the season. First comes the feeling, second comes the color. 

APL Vision Low Energy/Molten/Tidepool

What is the ultimate goal of APL as a company?

Our ultimate goal is to change the landscape of performance and fashion forever and create a multi-billion dollar global brand. 

APL Joyride Green/Black/Silver

For skeptics who are already married to mainstream brands in athletic footwear, what argument would APL use to convince these people to take a chance on them?

There are a few key things that separate APL from the mainstream brands you are referring to: 1) We don’t use big emblazoned logos on our products; we let the materials, design, color, and technology tell the story. 2) The best way to stand out is to be different and that is exactly what APL offers these consumers. 3) APL enables the consumer to maximize their athleticism and become the athlete they’ve always dreamed of becoming…plus our products look and feel great. 4)  Most importantly, we make the world’s finest performance footwear products. If you are looking to run faster, jump higher, or perform at a higher level while exerting less energy, you only have one option of footwear…and that is APL.

APL Men’s Concept 3 – White/Silver/Crystal

What is the best way to purchase APL products?

The best way to purchase APL products is through our website or one of our amazing retail partners such as: Mr. Porter, Net-A-Porter, Saks, Intermix, ShopBop, EastDane, and Bandier.

APL Unisex TechLoom Pro Black/White

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