Whether you want to do a onetime closet overhaul to sell a few clothes online or you are interested in starting a new e-commerce business to resell clothing and accessories, there are a few inexpensive and effective steps you can take to set your items apart from those of other sellers.

If you invest the time and money into your business now, you will maintain steady and consistent growth in the future. You can use your profits to reinvest in supplies and inventory for your business, or you can spend your onetime earnings on a vacation, some new clothes, or a memorable concert.

Here are some of the things you should include in your inventory if you plan to sell clothes online.

Invest in a Few Key Basics

Whether you choose to sell your items on a social media platform or an online auction site, there are a few basic items you will need to buy to give your photos and listings a professional edge over those of your competitors.

A flat-lay presentation involves neatly displaying your item on a decorative floor covering and adding some accessories to give your customers inspirational ways to wear the item you are selling. Oftentimes, sellers throw a crumpled shirt on their dirty floor and expect that an item will sell. When you invest in a fashion-forward solid or faux-fur piece of fabric and lay your clothes out neatly, you will instantly elevate the appeal of your listing.

Instead of throwing a shirt on a hanger and placing it on the back of your closet door, invest in a mannequin or dress form to showcase your inventory. Not only will your items look aesthetically pleasing, but your customers will also be able to better gauge how an item looks on the female form.

You should also pick a spot in your home with a plain-colored wall to showcase your items when they are on the mannequin. There are also a vast number of inexpensive backdrops you can purchase online that will add to the allure of the photos you take with items placed on a mannequin. Professionalism goes a long way when it comes to making consistent sales.

If you have a vintage leather handbag to sell, you can place it in front of a backdrop or a plain-colored wall to photograph it in an effective and professional way. When it comes to selecting the perfect backdrop or material for a flat-lay presentation, it is best to choose a neutral fabric pattern or print. A bold background may clash or compete with a patterned top, for example, while a neutral backdrop will complement most clothing colors and patterns nicely.

It’s All in the Details

You can also set your items apart from your competition by inserting an identifiable, fashion-forward decorative accent in each of your photos. Similar to a watermark or trademark, a unique decorative item makes it easy for customers to detect, at first glance, your items in the search bar on a selling app or site.

You can choose an ornate decorative orb, a wooden display symbol or some other eye-catching piece that your repeat customers can quickly identify. They will subsequently know it is you and be confident in making another purchase.

Up Your Level of Customer Service

The final way you can set yourself apart from other sellers is to offer exemplary customer service. Answer all emails and requests for additional information as professionally and quickly as possible.

Clean and fold items neatly to prepare them for shipping. Wrap each item in decorative or plain tissue, and include a thank-you note with each purchase. These small details take very little extra time and money, but they go a long way when it comes to creating a positive and memorable experience for each of your customers.

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