Byungmun Seo Fall/Winter 2016 Collection
Written by Jason Valenti All Images courtesy of Byungmun Seo

Oh how refreshing it is to see innovation before your eyes!  Sometimes it is hard to imagine how anything can be moved forward or changed.  Sometimes the status quo is like quicksand with no logical way of getting out.  But wait – all it really takes is out-of-the-box thinking along with the will to take action to change things.  South Korean designer Byungmun Seo sees through trends and shatters norms with an elegance that is rarely seen.  His Fall/Winter 2016 collection is like a breath of fresh crisp air on a boring day.  Oversized jackets, pants, jumpers are delivered in unisex concepts that literally jump from the page into your mind. The color palette is brilliant with green, white, blue and black hues that beg you to take more risks in your life.  This stuff is all so refreshing!

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