Cash Ca F/W 2013 Lookbook
Images Courtesy of Cash Ca

Cash CA {Fall/Winter 2013 Collection}

Cash CA first kicked off in 1999 as an upscale knitwear UK brand, but they have expanded and evolved into a contemporary company offering with some righteous outwear and woven pieces. Their current aesthetic combines a liberal design approach and the minimalist styling and restraint of upper-echelon staple, Jil Sander. For Fall 2013, they ante up on the horizontal striping theme, unveil a long-sleeve woven with impressive block-paneling and per usual, concentrate on the minute details that menswear enthusiasts will definitely appreciate. We could have done without the ubiquitous pocket tee, but the inventive coat with precision-placed camouflage hood makes up for that questionable inclusion.

See the expertly executed looks in the slideshow above. 

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