Chasing Nature: Jeremy Koreski
Written by: Staff All Images courtesy of: Jeremy Koreski

It’s a common human trait. We constantly walk through life, seeking high and low, for a spiritual higher power to give meaning to our lives. But what we fail to realize is that everything we are looking for in regards to a higher power can be found by truly observing the perfection of nature around us. In this feature, we talk with the intrepid photographer Jeremy Koreski. He takes some of the most stunning nature photos you’ll ever see. Some of his wide, panoramic shots of the ocean, majestic aquatic creatures and surfers will make your jaw drop to the ground. It’s no wonder his clients include major companies like Patagonia, ESPN & Google. Read on below …

“Persistence is what has got me to where I am now …”

How young were you when you first got into photography? 

I first got into photography when I was a 13-14 years old using my grandpas Canon A-E1. 

What is it about growing up in Tofino, B.C. that inspired you to start shooting? 

Growing up skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing is what inspired me to shoot photos – of my brother and friends, when we were at the local skate park in Tofino or on snowboard or surf trips. 

Did you have artistic parents that encouraged you to get serious with your craft? 

Neither of my parents was overly artistic but they were always supportive

At what point did you fully recognize that your photography would be your main career? 

It took me a while to realize I could make a living at photography, and I used a guiding job to transition from working hard in the summers to taking the winters off to work just on my photography. 

Would you say you have a particular and distinct style of shooting?

I feel like I have a clean style of shooting and find myself always trying to subtract things from my frame. 

Do you prefer shooting nature/ocean shots versus models/fashion/lifestyle etc – and also what about motion shots versus still life/sceneries?

My favorite thing lately is photographing animals in their natural environment, but I really enjoy photography. It doesn’t matter what the subject is. Recently I finished photographing a cook book which was a blast. 

Your list of clients is really impressive: Patagonia, Adidas, ESPN, Google etc- how did you go about scoring all these top-notch clients? 

Persistence is what has got me to where I am now.

Is there a favorite shoot that stands out in your mind as your most inspiring and enjoyable to date? 

One of my favorite shoots to date actually happened on a tuna fishing trip. I had my gear with me and so when we came across a pod of several hundred Pacific White-sided dolphins. I jumped in and photographed them for about 45 minutes. It was an incredible experience and I had to keep pulling my camera away from my face to just soak it all in with my own eyes. 

If you could only use one camera on all your shoots – what would you go with? 

One camera…shoot, that’s a tough one. When I am shooting surf, it’s nice to have a longer lens and a camera that shoots 12 frames per second…but I guess I would still have to go with a Mamiya 7II and 80mm lens with water housing. I’ve really enjoyed shooting film lately and slowing things down. It’s more challenging and more rewarding

Talk to us a little bit about your personal fashion style – what do you like to wear when you shoot? What do you wear on the weekends or when you dress up? Do you have any favorite brands? 

I am pretty casual when it comes to fashion and since I work for some great companies I end up wearing their clothing. Usually when I am on an assignment, I’ll be wearing Patagonia gear, but I also really like companies like UNIS and Apolis. 

What advice would you give to young aspiring photographers trying to chart their own paths in photography? 

Take photos because you love taking photos, and also stick with it. 

Lastly any special collabs/projects you have coming up in the near future you can tell us about? 

The main project I have coming up is my first coffee table photo book. I’d like to self-publish and will be launching a Kickstarter project in the next couple of weeks. 

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