Chicago born and based contemporary artist Hebru Brantley, whose work is collected by the likes of pop culture royalty Jay Z and Beyoncé, has teamed up with eBay to release a limited edition (230 in total) signed print that debuted on International Women’s Day (03/08/2018).  The print titled ‘Darker Than The Color Of My True Love’s Hair’ comes in a 24” x 33” size and pays homage to the memory of his sister and mother.  The image in the print is vividly beautiful, ethnically inclined (but also very inclusive), and depicts the profile of a woman’s face with a head wrap collage constructed from interpretations of the 1970’s superhero Storm and motif’s from Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.  He also manages to include some quilting and folk art interwoven into the history of Black bodies in the United States.

This is the fifth painting in Brantley’s series titled “Tignon Law”. The central focus of each piece is the profile of a woman adorned with a headscarf. Tignon Law was passed in 1786 by Louisiana Governor Esteban Rodriguez Miró, and required Creole women to cover their hair with a tignon in order to distinguish them from white women and emphasize their lowly social status. As a rebellion to this law, Creole women often wore elaborately designed, colorful tignons.

The prints are selling for $350 and there is no bidding required. The sale with end on 03/18/2018 and 70% of proceeds will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Additionally, there will be a limited quantity of 20 designated artist’s proofs available for $450.

Brantley has through the years become quite celebrated and has collaborated with brands like Nike, Hublot and Adidas. Brantley has also gained acclaim for his iconic figures and dynamic street art murals located in Chicago, Detroit, and Pittsburgh, and his work has been included at top cultural institutions internationally.

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