Clubmaster Trendsetters: Introducing Briston Watches
Written by: Staff

To get really good in any craft, it’s important to pay one’s dues, learn from the masters, and then let your own creativity and inspiration take over. That’s how it went down with the impressive new watch brand we just discovered named Briston. The founder of the brand, Brice Jaunet, honed his skill by working for 15 years at established luxury watchmakers like Cartier, Baume & Mercier and Zenith (part of the LVMH family). 

In 2012, he decided to set out on his own and infuse his love for sport, the heritage influences he soaked in during his Oxford days, and his extensive watch expertise to launch Briston. The Briston collection consists of bold and distinct wristwear with distinct design and impeccable functionality. Every aspect of the watch’s anatomy: (dial, bezel, straps, crowns, etc) are expertly thought out, and the individual facets come together quite flawlessly. See examples of their creations below: 

These watches are not meant to be kept locked up and gathering dust inside a watch case. They are sturdy, stylish and dependable tools for exploring the world. One of the new videos below  captures the exciting lifestyle and joie de vivre of this intriguing brand.

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