Collaboration: Clarks X Victoria and Albert Museum
Written by: Salvador Maximillian All Images courtesy of Clarks

The Collaboration between Clarks and the Victoria and Albert Museum is one that has shoe fans all around the world pinching themselves in pure exhilaration.  This is an event to behold and the coitus between these two giants did not disappoint.  The shoes are awesome!!  Collectors, connoisseurs, casual dressers and style mavens, please assemble and pay homage to what just happened.  For the collection, the two sub cultures used for inspiration are the 1950’s Teddy Boy period and 1980’s Goth, and we must say that there is very little to critique.  Clarks is sponsoring an exhibit that runs through early 2016 at Victoria and Albert Museum called “Shoes: Pleasure and Pain” that showcases the evolution of shoes and the pleasure and pain that people have endured historically for style and function. 

See the amalgamation of the collab below:

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