Common People S/S 2014
Written by: Geo Hagan

The British brand Common People has a pretty smashing collection for S/S 2014. One of the first things we noticed was just how good the outerwear pieces looked. Spring is always a tough time to find the right outerwear because of the fluctuations in temps between afternoons and evenings – but with this new selection from Common People, your spring outerwear woes are over. The head designer at this brand is Kestin Hare, a proud Scottsman who was formerly the head of design at Nigel Cabourn, and the new collection is described as reflecting: “the essence of Scottish summer holidays and is inspired by 70’s field trips and influences of Celtic art. The use of primary colours on strong outerwear pieces are mirrored throughout the collection on the branding and Airtex linings. The clean silhouettes and technical details give a fresh contemporary edge.”

The new collection also features unique and extremely original jacquards and prints, based on Celtic knots and crosses. Additionally, the clothes make use of contrasting textures and knits to create an almost 3-dimensional effect to the various ensembles.

Check out all the looks in the slideshow above and for more information, visit:

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