D.Gnak Fall/Winter 2016 Lookbook
Written by Erving Parker All images courtesy of D.Gnak

Korean designer Kang Dong-Jun delivers a D.Gnak Fall/Winter 2016 lookbook that deeply tantalizes and stirs up excitement in your suppressed hip-hop ninja alter ego.  The clothes in the collection are artistically displayed to great effect and the whole experience is strangely but not surprisingly appealing.  Bursts of color and some animal motifs make sporadic appearances in a collection that definitely has a youthful edge but also possesses enough craftsmanship/detail to hold the attention of most fashion connoisseurs.  There is an element of ‘daring’ that will be needed to rock these ensembles but if you conscientiously deconstruct the collection, you will find that there are many pieces here that are quite versatile and can be used to seamlessly in almost any wardrobe. 

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