Name: I forgot to ask

Spotted on: Christopher Street off 6th Avenue

Why we like it:  This look is about as well executed as it could possibly be.  This dude’s clothes fit him perfectly, which is the number one rule for dressing as an adult.  He’s got super clean, bright white, classic sneakers to compliment his excellently tailored, well worn,  light washed jeans.  His knit sweater over an oxford is a classic European combo that is easily f-ed up by many.  And he’s got a bumble-bee varsity with a nice patina on the leather.  Topping it off with an unfussy hair style and a well groomed beard, he is totally channelling the best of mid 90’s casual.  Cheers to whatever your name is bro.  Keep it real.

Daily Dose: Classic Casual
Photograph by Ben Ferrari

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