Damir Doma A/W 2014
Written by: Kwesi Adjin

The Parisian fashion brand Damir Doma hits us with its A/W 2014 collection titled the “Silent Collection”.  Damir’s obsession with the interplay between light and shadow can be witnessed in this collection and it also underscores the fact that this interplay is usually silent and subtly powerful.  The clothes in the collection are strong pieces that will work separately or together as an ensemble.  The collection is very focused with mostly dark colors that convey a simple but elegant point of view.  There is a “Silent” sophistication to the clothes.  Cuts are tailored but not fussy and the high taste level of the designer shines through.  Silhouettes are long and slender but you get the sense that most body shapes would look good in the clothes.  The looks tend to be layered giving them a sense of flexibility and youth.   This seven year old brand has nailed the luxury casual sportswear look like no one else has.  The clothes are casual but they still look as though you must be quite accomplished (or maybe intellectual) to pull off the luxurious fabric and deliberate simplicity.  Two pieces of note in the collection are the black t-shirt with an abstract, textural spiral design/embroidery and the faded denim jacket.  Honestly, it was difficult to select any one piece as a standout because the collection is ultra-cohesive.  The “Silent” theme is extremely palpable – the clothes effortlessly emanate a quiet strength.  We see people like Mogul – Russell Simmons, Director – Spike Jonze and Actor – Don Cheadle gravitating towards Damir Doma.

Digging a little deeper into Damir Doma the brand, we find Damir Doma, a fashion designer and creative director who was born in Virovitica, Croatia but grew up in Traunstein (Bavaria, Germany), where his mother has a clothing atelier.  He studied fashion in Munich and Berlin and then moved to Belgium where he gained experience from the likes of Raf Simons and Dirk Schönberger.  In 2007, Damir teamed up with Swiss based venture firm Paper Rain and launched his first menswear collection in 2008.  Another interesting tidbit is that rapper ASAP Rocky mentioned Damir Doma among other high-fashion brands in the song “Fashion Killa” which is part of his 2013 album Long. Live. ASAP.  

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