In the last two years, Harlem rapper Dave East has quickly ascended the status of new rappers into one of the most buzzing emcees in the rap game. So what’s the secret to his success? Well first off, he’s got a pretty slick flow; as we already from observing other Harlem rappers (Killa Cam, Vado), uptown spitters like to talk their shit. Secondly, he’s cosigned by Nas, and when you are the protege of rap’s golden child, chances are fans will flock your way and give your music more than a fleeting chance. Thirdly, the ladies love him and he does a great job of balancing his street gangsta appeal with enough nods and winks to the ladies.

With all that said, Dave East just dropped a video for the hoods across America, and he took a trip to Philly and connected with D. Jones for a dope track from his recently released Karma mixtape. Check out the video below:

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