David Cabra F/W 2015 Collection
Written by: Frederick Gavern All Images courtesy of David Cabra

David Cabra’s F/W 2015 collection looks and feels like he is creating futuristic amphibious suits for cool space clubbers.  The colors are inspiring and the direction is very fresh.  Boldness does not elude this London College of Fashion master’s program graduate who is fixated on developing new trends and putting his stamp on style. His goal is to present a “design philosophy of a utilitarian perspective and avant-garde details”.  The current collection is named ‘Functional Hybridization’, and David Cabra uses synthetic fabrics like PVC and Nylon to accentuate the sacred relationship between color and texture found in the work of artist Michael Johansson.  The collection is a great experiment that delivers on many fronts because it forces one to think about clothes in a scientific and fun way.  Looking through the collection evokes feelings of space age industrial parties where only cool kids are invited.

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