Deepa: The Amalgamation of Beauty and Strength
Written by: Kwesi Adjin Photos by: James Law and Dekonti

Deepa Seneviratne is an ‘alchemist’ in the true sense of the word.  She melds beauty, confidence, passion and action to create beautiful jewelry and an unflappable personality.  It is really refreshing to meet someone who strives with full awareness to master “self” and follow dreams no matter how rugged and unforgiving the terrain.  Deepa’s jewelry line, Dekonti, is a manifestation of her drive and thoughtfulness and although it currently caters to only women, her amazing pieces have us waiting fervently for the men’s line due to touch down this September.    

We were able to pick Deepa’s brain on topics ranging from her personal philosophy to how she maintains her magnificent physique.  She even tells us what attributes she finds alluring in men.  Make sure to read about, absorb and support this fierce lady below.

“This is something I struggle with because I’m a …” 

Please give us a brief background of yourself and your personal philosophy.

Born in Freetown, Sierra Leone to a Sri Lankan father and Sierra Leonean mother. I’ve lived MANY lives in my short years on this earth which ultimately led to discovering my love for designing and creating beautiful wearable pieces of art.  

Personal philosophy: Be responsible and confident about your life decisions and actions. You are in control.

What motivates (person, place, music, movie, quote, etc.) you and what gets you down?

Truthfully, a great track with some serious bass, family stories from the good old days or traveling to beautiful locations gets me pumped and inspired.

Exhaustion gets me down… especially when I know I’m the cause of my own fatigue.

What is Dekonti and how did it come about?  You mention Sri Lanka on the Dekonti website as “home” – could you please elaborate? Does Dekonti have or plan to have any social impact initiatives in Sri Lanka or here in the US?

Dekonti is a middle name given by my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother.  It means “Everything has its time”, which was quite fitting when I discovered that I could express so much about my life through jewelry.

Before embarking on this new phase in my life, I had not visited Sri Lanka in 20 years. Starting this business, has been a great way for me to reconnect with my paternal grandmother.  I feel fortunate to experience the beautiful island of Sri Lanka through very different eyes and love expressing myself through Dekonti.

Metalsmithing in Sri Lanka is a personal, valuable and honorable trade that is honed, perfected and passed down from generation to generation. Dekonti’s priority is to source locally, create an ethical work environment and forge strong relationships with our artisans to further preserve their trade and the soul behind their work.

Dekonti jewelry is just beautiful, how does the design selection process work?  What aesthetic are you trying to attain with the pieces?

I start with different local influences that may come from travel through different parts of Sri Lanka or family heirlooms that take me back to my childhood.  I begin by sketching what I’m visualizing followed by the process of selecting the right metal, finish, and texture.  I try to attain an aesthetic that is clean and modern, yet bold and strive to create statement pieces that can stand on their own.

Who is the quintessential Dekonti customer?  Do you also make (or plan to make) men’s jewelry?

Our customer is the modern woman who appreciates bold, culture-forward, meaningful statement jewelry created by highly skilled local artisans.

We absolutely plan on offering men’s jewelry. Be sure to check our website this September for new offerings by Dekonti for men.

What is your ultimate goal for Dekonti?

The ultimate goal for Dekonti is to continue to express much more about this growing passion for Sri Lanka and family. I want our valuable customers to always know they can expect beautiful craftsmanship and quality from us.

Since we are a men’s lifestyle magazine, what do you think are the unspoken attributes that define a man?

Oh that’s easy. Confidence, chivalry, good grooming, a great smile and his ability to fill out a well-tailored three piece suit.

From pictures we have seen of you – you are a very fit and health conscious person – do you have quick tips that anyone can follow to stay healthy or at least look healthy like you (hahahaha)?

Thank you! I really try to exercise daily to keep things tight. My routine includes weights, kickboxing and/or jump roping.  Paying close attention to what I eat is what’s most important. I’m not afraid to enjoy myself and indulge when I feel like it, but I get right back on track.

How do you get centered when things get rough in your life or line of work?

This is something I struggle with because I’m a fixer and tend to spend even more energy on the very thing that’s causing me stress. I constantly have to remind myself that it’s ok to ease up, walk away & calm my mind.

In your time on earth so far, what one piece of advice do you think you can unequivocally give someone?

Don’t ever settle for mediocrity when you know you can do better.  Always give it your all and dream big!

Where can people learn more about you and your brand?


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