Designing The Ultimate Bachelor Pad
Words by: David Bromstad of HGTV’s Color Splash

When developing the ideal bachelor pad, it is super important to consider two factors. First, is it an open environment for bonding with the guys? Second, is it versatile enough that it can double as an entertainment room for date night? It’s a must to keep your place fun, livable and modular, but not to overkill with too many unnecessary items that take up space. You want a space that represents who you are, but keeping it stylish at the same time. A bachelor pad can look super chic and classy while still maintaining a masculine feel.

“You want a space that represents who you are…”

The first thing you’ll want to do in creating the perfect bachelor pad is maximize the living space. You can still make a small studio apartment appear roomy and inviting! Make wise furniture choices. There are so many websites and furniture companies that create furniture for such spaces. I know everyone thinks of murphy wall beds as something from the past, but the options you have today are endless and I have used them myself in a makeover in Miami. An office/entertainment center with a plasma TV can turn down into a queen mattress when time to sleep. The couches and seating you choose can turn into a sectional when more seating is needed. A simple area rug accents a space (see above) and can properly divide rooms that are otherwise confusing or cluttered. And you know that the girl you are bringing home will not like walking barefoot on a cold floor?

Avoid the stereotypes and clichés of a bachelor pad like raggedy former dorm room furniture or tacky artwork and sports memorabilia. Would you take your date out to a dingy sports bar for the first time? Investing in a highly durable micro fiber or a durable velvet couch now will save money in the long run from stains and tears, while being able to stand up to the most eventful nights. As always, color can completely transform any space. Put a masculine edge to conventionally bright colors like reds, blues, and purples by choosing deep and rich tones that will sophisticate your space. Break these walls up with neutral beiges, browns, and creams to create clean lines and make up a bright and modern atmosphere. Want an accent wall to bring in some visual interest and texture. Try going to and choose from thousands of options.

And just an FYI, all of my artwork ever created can be made into any mural for a little Bromstad bachelor moment. Have fun and bring some style into your space.

About the author:  David Bromstad is an artist, designer and TV personality. He was the original winner of HGTV’s Design Star, and he also hosts his own show on the channel called Color Splash.

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