Detroit vs Everybody: Building The Future

Detroit and Cass Community Social Services have established an innovative path as a way to help the city’s low-income population to become homeowners while at the same revitalizing neighborhoods that have long been ignored and abandoned. Other tiny home communities have developed in the country, notably in Austin, but Detroit’s differs in a few ways – Tiny Homes Detroit is the only rent-to-own model in the country.

The houses vary from 250-400 square feet, and each is architecturally different. Some are studios, while others have a loft, and some have a separate bedroom. Herman Miller and Interior Lifestyles donated furnishings and time. This is has been an all-hands community effort with volunteers from the area’s churches and employees from companies such as Ford volunteering their time, adding finishing touches to the homes.
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Detroit makes housing affordable with tiny homes

Detroit is in a period of economic recovery, yet many of the hardest hit still don’t have adequate housing. The Cass Community Center Tiny Homes Project’s answer was to build 25 houses for less than $45,000 each.

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