If you’ve ever pondered the metaphysical question that has kept the best thinkers up at night – “Is my life a video game?”, Diesel and Street Fighter V attempt to provide a much-needed answer.  To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Street Fighter iconic video game, the game that was birthed in 1987 teams up with Italian clothing company Diesel to make your feet feel like they are indeed walking on the ones and zeros that make up a battle-heavy binary coded world.

The footwear created for this capsule collection draw inspiration from the game’s five key characters.  Each shoe bears features that vividly accentuate the sartorial color scheme (on the upper) and signature phrases (on the sole) of the characters.  The details are: Ryu (white sneaker with red-and-black detailing.), Chun Li (blue with yellow-and-white detailing), Nash (Military green with black and yellow detailing), Bison (red with black and white detailing) and Birdie (black with a punk rock aesthetic).

See the shoes below …

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