Written by: Staff

The brand DRYKORN was founded in Germany in 1996, but don’t let their German heritage deter you from checking out their wares. The clothes definitely bear the precision and exactness we’ve come to expect from our Deutschland cousins, but other than that, their offerings have a definite easiness, fun and edge about them. 

For their S/S 2014 lookbook, they sought out professional ballet dancer Yasutake Shimaji, and used his lithe & limber frame to show off their new garments. One thing that impressed us was how skillfully they pulled off one slim-fitting look after another without having the whole collection looking contrived or so Slimane-esque. Denim is used liberally and the biker-jacket silhouette pop up more than once. Add that to some ultra-modern suiting and some hipster-leaning casual looks and you have collection that hits on all levels. 

See all the DRYKORN S/S 2014 looks in the slideshow above.

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