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Written by: Kwesi Adjin All images courtesy of Cheeba Chews

‘Consistent’, ‘Potent’, and ‘Discreet’ are words that don’t only define Cheeba Chews but also embody a company that is focused and determined to deliver a product of the highest quality.  Colorado-based Cheeba Chews is a cannabis-infused edibles producer that is undoubtedly fighting the good fight everyday.  The folks at Cheeba Chews are constantly navigating a treacherous regulatory environment (that differs vastly from state to state) in an effort to ensure that consumers at dispensaries/collectives have a dependable sense of intake/dosage.  Misconceptions related to cannabis edibles are a dime a dozen, but it is extremely difficult to criticize a company like Cheeba Chews that is blazing a trail in the name quality and dependability.

See the very candid interview with Cheeba Chews below. 

“By far, the stories shared from patients that use our products are the most rewarding …”

Please tell us about how the idea for Cheeba Chews came about? And how was initial funding of the business executed?
Cheeba Chews was born out of necessity for consistency. Back in 2009, cannabis infused edibles mostly consisted of actual plant material or inconsistent oil extract. We had a simple question “how do we make an edible that provides a consistent, easily dosed infusion of cannabis oil?” We experimented with a variety of foods, but found chocolate taffy to be the ideal partner for cannabis oil, because you can keep the product small (for discretion) and it will hold a nice quantity of cannabis oil.
As for funding, the business has always been fiscally responsible. We have no outside investment, or debts. Every portion of our growth has been self-funded and we’ve rebuffed investment offers numerous times.

How was the name ‘Cheeba Chews’ chosen and/or dreamed up?
We actually had a list of names on a board, and circulated those brand names around to trusted partners, to build a consensus. Not even then could we have imagined the success “Cheeba Chews” would have.

What is the Philosophy/Culture/Goal of Cheeba Chews? Who is your target demographic?

Cheeba Chews appeal to a wide demographic, due to our variety of products (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, High & Pure CBD, along with varying dosages).
Our goal is quite simple: to be the most consistent, potent, and discreet edible on the market. Trust is built through reliability, and our standards are built around the philosophy of maintaining a high level of consistency in every single piece of cannabis infused chocolate taffy we produce.

What are the biggest misconceptions you face as a business?  What one thing do you want people to never forget about Cheeba Chews?
Cheeba Chews has built a reputation based on the product experience. We don’t hire brand ambassadors or have a huge PR department. We’re grass roots, hardworking folks that care deeply about the patients we serve and the products we produce.
Our industry faces many misconceptions, most notably, the “dangers” of cannabis. It’s a plant, and the oil we extract is just as safe. We spend a lot of time and effort in testing our raw product to make sure it’s of the highest quality. The general public needs to hear more about the benefits of ingesting cannabis, and less about the propaganda, scare tactics prohibitionists have been using for decades.

Is navigating the regulatory environment the hardest part of running a ‘marijuana edibles’ business? If not, what is?

The fast changing regulatory environment would absolutely be the most difficult part of our industry. Not because regulations evolve and change, but because every market has different standards, understandings, and political motives. What Colorado understands about cannabis and how to regulate it, isn’t necessarily in agreeance with how California, or any other markets wants to regulate the plant. The biggest lesson we’ve had to learn over these last several years is perseverance. You’re going to get knocked down, or thrown through a loop. It’s just a matter of how many times can you get up, and learn the necessary lessons from each experience.

What is the rewarding thing about being a part of Cheeba Chews?
By far, the stories shared from patients that use our products are the most rewarding part of being this business. We’re helping change lives with this cannabis infused chocolate taffy and it feels good to know we’re not just growing a responsible business but creating real, alternative relief for those in need.

Could you give us a mini tour of your different products? What is the best seller and why do you think that is so?
Our original chews are still the flagship product for our company. The Sativa 70mg chew is our best seller. It’s great for regular, early/mid-day relief. We also have an Indica (for evening relief) and Hybrid (balanced) 70mg chew. Our award winning Deca Dose, 175mg chew, is a big hit for high tolerance patients as well. One of our favorite products is our high CBD chew, which contains 50mg of THC and 20mg of CBD. CBD provides no psychoactive effects, but has a long list of medicinal properties. Because of the high CBD’s popularity, we also developed a Pure CBD chew, which contains 50mg of CBD and 2mg of THC. The other delicious products we offer are a Green Hornet 70mg Gummy, 100mg Caramel chew, and an enhanced flavor 100mg Mint Chocolate chew.

Quality control seems to be an overarching part of your business model; could you please elaborate on why it is so critical?
We understand walking into a dispensary or collective, that a consumer has a variety of choices and may not be informed on what’s best for their specific need. When that consumer sees the Cheeba Chews brand, our main priority is to make sure their first thought is “that edible is going to work”. We go to great lengths to ensure our processes are consistent so that our products are reliable.

How are you keeping competitors at bay?
By staying focused on ourselves. If we worried about every other knock off product that entered the market, we’d quickly lose sight of our priorities. This isn’t an easy industry to work in, and we understand that our success hinges on our ability to remain flexible enough to adjust to market and regulatory evolutions.

Since Style.No.Chaser is a men’s lifestyle magazine, what attributes/items/clothing /etc. do you think define a man?
A man must have a nice Swiss Army knife – A strong set of tools to help in any circumstance. Chews Wisely

How can people get updates on your new and existing products as well as developments at your company?

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