Eliran Nargassi Spring/Summer 2017
Written by Veejay Patel All images courtesy of Eliran Nargassi

The Eliran Nargassi Spring/Summer 2017 Collection embodies the ethos of how a modern (or even postmodern) man wants to carry himself.  The clothes are clean, immaculately cut and distinct.  The colors in the collection are full of vitality but without the annoying neon highlights that have become strangely ubiquitous these days.  The versatility of the collection is easily embraceable because it takes you from day to night without being too fidgety and overly stiff.  The undertone that permeates through the whole collection is simple pure unadulterated “fun”.  Why have we stopped having fun with our clothes?  We are not talking about being a clown or being a costumed play character – we are just suggesting that if you feel good when you look good and if you are willing to break some archaic dressing rules, then why not get creative with it. Eliran Nargassi succeeds in making you look good in a fun way.

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