What’s your name?

Eliza Child

Where r u from?

Santa Cruz, California 

How did u get into photography?

From my first moments of memory, I’ve always remembered my Dad with a camera but it wasn’t until around 12 or 13 and a couple hand-me down cameras via the Pop Sauce that I actually decided to start shooting. 

What was your first camera?

A Nikon FG, I think from the 80s, it was a 35mm SLR with a manual film pull lever.

What do you shoot with now?

Currently a Mamiya RZ67 or a Toya 4×5 monorail.

What motivates you to take pictures?

Fast moments with high fun frequencies, like beautiful people at parties or the complete opposite of that, which would be something naturally illuminated within an everyday setting. This question is hard currently because I feel my work changing a lot recently. 

Who are the subjects in your work?

Mostly Babetown which is what my close family friend group calls themselves. Specifically my best friend Caylah and soul sister Masha because they are apart of my everyday life just like my photography is. 

If you could photograph any person for any publication, what would they be?

Kate Moss as cliche as that may be, I grew up on that woman’s face. The publication would have to be a popular print magazine such as W or something. Once again because I grew up reading those types of magazines, I don’t think I’d be a photographer without them. 

What is your favorite part of the photographic process?

The shooting part is my favorite for sure.  I love the access that a camera grants you. I like meeting new and interesting people through the medium and being in the right place at the right time. 

What topics are you exploring in your work?

I spent a lot of time exploring youth culture and the lifestyle of the early 20 year old. Seeing as how I am in that age now, living in the best city in the world, I thought I should take advantage of going out and photographing my peers. Most recently I’ve been more into natural light patterns and their repetitions. I think I am attracted to light and shadow pattern for the same reason any photographer would be, as well as the idea of something so straight and sterile being so prominent in such a complex and chaotic world. The work it still so new to me though. I have a lot of reading and writing to do in regards to the new work only because the reasons why I am attracted to it are so much more conceptual than anything I’ve ever shot before. Its on a completely different side of the photo spectrum. (which is already so f*cking broad!) 

What types of work do you see yourself doing in the future?

In terms of content I don’t want to set myself up for anything here, I’m not into long term commitment so lets just wait for the future and see. I would, however, like to aim for more series based work that I could show in galleries. Seeing my work in galleries, that is something I’d happily (and hopefully) like to aim for in my future. 

What’s your favorite band?

I could go on forever you should follow my spotify cause those playlists be poppin’ off daily. Oh yah and also..LISTEN TO THE MYSTERY LIGHTS they are the best band in the world and you’re an asshole if you haven’t heard them yet! 

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Paris, France. Like every dreamy art girl, I love French films, food, and music. I have myself set up to move there in a year or two, but you know… lets not jinx it. 

Who do you credit as your influences?

W, Vogue, Bazaar my holy trinity of influence. I have so many specific artists I could name but once again that could take forever to list so lets just stick to these three fashion photo bibles for now. I’ve also more recently found influence in paintings and contemporary painters I’ve met through work and my peers. 

What’s your favorite drink?

When I’m feelin’ ready for the New York night a double dirty martini or a G and T on the reg.

Check out my website: www.elizachild.com

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