Elle Ribera: 10 Things I Learned on the Road
Photography by: Roslyn Julia

If you don’t know who Elle Ribera is, you should.  She is a photographer, model, artistic muse, amongst other things…  She has a natural intuition for fashion and style and her photographic eye is superb.  She’s only like twenty years old and she has fashion credits in Vogue Germany and Cosmopolitan Russia.  Elle recently came back from a road trip with Ryan McGinley and brings us her top ten tips for life on the road.  Cheers!

1. You don’t need a lot of things to be happy. I packed 3 sundresses, a tee-shirt, a pair of shorts, and numerous pairs of socks and underwear- half of which I lost on the side of the road after undressing right before a shoot, a pair of sunglasses, and sneakers which got destroyed. 

2. Constantly immersing yourself in nature and fully embracing every part of it makes you feel like a more aware and fulfilled human being.

3. I didn’t find myself taking many pictures but instead looking through my own eyes and taking in moments more intently and thoughtfully.

4. Ryan McGinley is the most genuinely cool person there will ever be.

5. You can light your pubes on fire if you jump over fireworks

6. There is never a weather condition or location where frolicking naked isn’t the most fun thing to do in the world. You can frolic naked so hard that you sprain both of your ankles and keep frolicking on them anyway. “I’m fine” becomes an integral part of your vocabulary. 

7. Assembly line style family cooking and sandwich making with the other models and the crew is an art.

8. Constantly moving to a new house and adjusting to a completely new part of the world makes everything so exciting. On our downtime we would explore the property while listening to music, pick flowers and berries, or we would sit out on the porch swing and listen to the sounds of all of the wildlife.

9. Sometimes cows look really cute but then they stampede and chase you down a hillside. 

10. Being naked and running around outside in the wilderness is something everyone should experience in their life at least once.

To contact Elle regarding bookings you can email her at elleriberaphoto@gmail.com

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